Alien Skin

Alien Skin is George Pappas, long-time keyboardist with legendary Australian band Real Life whose multi-million selling '80s smash Send Me An Angel is still a regular on radio playlists worldwide and covered by countless of underground, goth, Gregorian, pop & electro artists. In 2008, after a number of acclaimed albums and world tours with Real Life, covering the US, Europe and Australia, he morphed into Alien Skin releasing his highly praised debut album 'Don’t Open Till Doomsday'. Compared to 'Black Celebration' era Depeche Mode and vocally to Martin Gore (DM) & David Sylvian (Japan), this body of work further established his signature sound of vast emptiness and icy, electronic melancholia. The release in 2010 of 'The Unquiet Grave' album found the music of Alien Skin continuing to attract thousands of new devotees across the world with atmospheric songs of seductive gothic ambiance, woven together into mesmerizing webs. The album became an instant favourite. With the issue in 2012 of 'Ghost In The Rain' the eerie, mysterious cinema of these first two albums was further refined carving out a unique niche. "...I want people, when listening to an Alien Skin album, to feel as if they've entered a secret world, one that isn't easily interchangeable with neighbouring worlds. It's far easier to be accepted by being musically generic, producing what's expected within a music form; but that bores me. Personally, I'm drawn to artists who are unique & thus identifiable. I enjoy music that has personality, warm or cold, it doesn't matter....I want it to have an individual identity. " " the beginning I was concerned about how to label the music & therefore who my audience may be, as no one could put it into a tight well defined I find this distinction a strong point. When you hear Alien Skin, voice & music, you know who it is immediately." The Secret Garden album released in 2013, continues the fixation with songs of beautiful unhurried melodies, atmosphere and Alien Skin's own sense of murky, fluid electronic effervescence. - See more at: