Atomic Shadow

Tape loops, sine waves, and ring modulators. Transmitting an analog signal from yesterday's world of tomorrow, Atomic Shadow makes use of vintage electronic test gear, field recordings and effects. Atomic Shadow's first commercial album Twelve Full Moons released on Hollow Sun Records. In March of 2012 Atomic Shadow took second place in a remix contest sponsored by The Science Museum of London. The contestants were able to download stems from some of Daphne Oram's pioneering work in electronic music and create their own arrangement. There was really positive feedback from the judges for the piece called DO3. According to the Wire "This feels close to DO's own sonic conception." DJ Spooky called it "Subtle but powerful [...] what Daphne Oram was all about." Brian Eno said: "A really interesting piece - deep, entrancing. I wanted more of it." Of course the last comment there made me feel a bit dizzy.

Brain Eno was the inspiration for my entire Atomic Shadow project with a quote that I read in an interview. He said that sometimes you have to take your best shot and paint a bullseye around where the arrow hits.

Atomic Shadow - Drums Against The Machine from Atomic Shadow on Vimeo.