Shamus Dark - Trouble in Paradise - Album Review

Shamus Dark - Trouble In Paradise

In a world filled with independent musicians and artists, Shamus Dark shines above the rest.  His new album "Trouble In Paradise" bolsters that statement.  12 songs written by some of the greatest songwriters of the 20th Century have been skilfully and masterfully covered by Shamus.  His interpretation of the songs are just sublime.  With his soulful and silky jazz voice, he commands each song and are a pleasure to the ear.  Bear in mind, I was never a fan of Jazz, but my mind has been changed and my musical palate has had a re-education… long overdue.

The time, effort, dedication and understanding that has gone into each track clearly comes across when you listen to the album.  "Trust In Me", the classic track from the Disney movie "The Jungle Book" stands out for me.  It has been completely broken down and re-arranged, and it blew my mind when I heard it first.  The rest of the album is the same.

"Skylark" is another track that lifts the album.  A great vocal, great orchestration and production.  For an independent production, this album really should be a number one chart hit.

If you go to www.shamusdark.com you can hear a preview of the album as well as watching some of the great music videos that accompany it.

Buy the album and by doing so, you will be supporting fantastic, new, independent music.  If you don't buy the album, you will be doing your ears a massive disservice! 

When I played some tracks on my radio show on Radio Pure Gently, the listeners loved them and wanted more.

Micky Dodds - www.radiopuregently.com

New Shamus Dark Single - Skylark

Shamus Dark has just released the second single "Skylark", taken from the forthcoming CD album "Trouble In Paradise", out in November.









Now available from: www.shamusdark.com/shop or.....
itunes = https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/skylark-single/id730347696
CDbaby = http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/shamusdark2
Amazon.com = http://www.amazon.com/Skylark/dp/B00G5PYF7S/ref=dm_att_trk1

The album "Trouble In Paradise" is due out November 25th, 2013 - featuring 12 tracks of songs from the 1930's-1950's, except "Trust In Me" which is from the 1960's. Skylark was written in 1941.


Dark Backward

Originally formed in 2000 by core members Max Nye and Eric Purtle, Dayton Ohio's Dark Backward began primarily as a studio-based art-damage collective. However, 2008 saw the band morph into a more traditional, live-based "rock" outfit while retaining its original anything-goes ethos; their general mission statement as amorphous as the 1991 cult film after which they were named. Nye and Purtle both labored in seminal Dayton new-wave act Dementia Precox; additionally, Purtle up until recently worked the Midwest punk circuit with Luxury Pushers. Jeff Brelsford and Jim Ingram toiled notably with Mondolux and Colonel Bleep respectively, among many others. Simply stated, DB's members' combined rock-years total is a staggering number... Guy Capo’s 2005 skin feature “Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll” brought Dark Backward an AVN award nod for best soundtrack; the film also showcased Max in a substantial (albiet non-f*cking) role. Our next full-length album is due in early Summer of 2012. Expect the loudest.

You can find them at their website here http://www.darkbackward.com/ and at Reverbnation here http://www.reverbnation.com/darkbackward



are an electronic band from Iceland, and without a doubt one of Micky's favourite bands. He can't get enough of Berndsen! From the first moment Berndsen contacted him via Youtube, Micky was hooked. The video for their song "Supertime" is pure genius.

It has over half a million hits already. That is more than the entire population of Iceland itself.

Here is a short biography of the band.

"Berndsen is an Icelandic pop icon in the making. His instantly recognizable signature vocals float over an elaborate 80's electronic soundscape, courtesy of mysterious super-producer, Hermigervill. His earnest but danceable songs, elaborate videos, and last but not least his batshit-crazy live performances have earned him a dedicated following worldwide.

Berndsen's debut album "Lover in the Dark" has been signed to labels in Iceland, Germany, the Netherlands and Japan, and a fresh new album is due out in early 2013."

Their new album "Planet Earth" is released in November, 2013. When you buy the album, you will find that every tune is a diamond!


Shamus Dark


How would one describe Shamus Dark? Pure genius! That's the only apt description that applies. After listening to "Trust In Me", Shamus took a classic song from a Disney movie and turned it around on it's head to make it sound completely different with a whole new character. That's where genius lies. Check out Shamus' website www.shamusdark.com and buy his music. You will not regret doing it! We WILL be hearing from Shamus again.