Mass Love

Mass Love is a cross-Atlantic collaboration between Indianapolis-based studio singer Lauren Moore, and David Beukes, who produces from a hilltop in the wilds of Limpopo, South Africa. They connected on reddit, and bonded over their mutual appreciation of Firefly, the greatest TV show ever made.

Despite their long collaboration, the two have never met face to face. They make synthpop, injected here and there with large orchestra sections and sprinkles of hip-hop.

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Blokkmonsta is a rapper, producer and owner of the Berlin independent label, Hirntot Records. A big name in his native Germany for his brash rapping style in the genre "Psychokore",  Blokkmonsta has achieved top 40 placings with his last album.  In 2013, he changed his musical direction to Synthwave and has worked with some of the most talented producers of that scene.

His latest music release is called Beyond Time.


Alien Skin

Alien Skin is George Pappas, long-time keyboardist with legendary Australian band Real Life whose multi-million selling '80s smash Send Me An Angel is still a regular on radio playlists worldwide and covered by countless of underground, goth, Gregorian, pop & electro artists. In 2008, after a number of acclaimed albums and world tours with Real Life, covering the US, Europe and Australia, he morphed into Alien Skin releasing his highly praised debut album 'Don’t Open Till Doomsday'. Compared to 'Black Celebration' era Depeche Mode and vocally to Martin Gore (DM) & David Sylvian (Japan), this body of work further established his signature sound of vast emptiness and icy, electronic melancholia. The release in 2010 of 'The Unquiet Grave' album found the music of Alien Skin continuing to attract thousands of new devotees across the world with atmospheric songs of seductive gothic ambiance, woven together into mesmerizing webs. The album became an instant favourite. With the issue in 2012 of 'Ghost In The Rain' the eerie, mysterious cinema of these first two albums was further refined carving out a unique niche. "...I want people, when listening to an Alien Skin album, to feel as if they've entered a secret world, one that isn't easily interchangeable with neighbouring worlds. It's far easier to be accepted by being musically generic, producing what's expected within a music form; but that bores me. Personally, I'm drawn to artists who are unique & thus identifiable. I enjoy music that has personality, warm or cold, it doesn't matter....I want it to have an individual identity. " " the beginning I was concerned about how to label the music & therefore who my audience may be, as no one could put it into a tight well defined I find this distinction a strong point. When you hear Alien Skin, voice & music, you know who it is immediately." The Secret Garden album released in 2013, continues the fixation with songs of beautiful unhurried melodies, atmosphere and Alien Skin's own sense of murky, fluid electronic effervescence. - See more at:



Derecho is an experienced and hard-working female-fronted original rock band, founded in 2010.  We’ve played many venues across the UK ranging from small venues to the main stage at The Willow Festival and the 100 Club in London.  We have an online following from all around the world, and we’ve had airplay on BBC Introducing, US radio stations and US and European internet radio stations.  We’ve also signed a distribution deal for some of our material with US record label Delinquent Records.

Our music has strong melodies, driving rhythms and intricate bass lines. Our influences range from 60s pop through punk and classic rock to modern day music. We’re all experienced musicians and our performances are exciting to watch and listen to.
The name comes from “A derecho (/dəˈr/də-reh-choh, from Spanishderecho [deˈɾetʃo], "straight") is a widespread, long-lived, straight-line wind storm that is associated with a land-based, fast-moving band of severe thunderstorms. Derechos can carry hurricanic or tornadic force and can deliver torrential rains and perhaps flash floods as well as strong winds.” (Wikipedia)
Current album (December 2013): Coffee and Disruption Official video:

Festival footage video:  Youtube channel

Reverbnation:  Twitter  Facebook


Derecho is:

Jo Ash: vocals and keyboards

Mike Ellis: drums

Ben Nunn: bass  (Marc Zyngier played bass on all recorded and video material)

Mike Wheatley: guitars


Waails is the stage name of queer singer-songwriter and performance artist Anthony Bianco. The music is beat driven electro acoustic pop punctuated by chilly synths and dramatic vocals. To date, Waails has released one self-titled full length album (2011), and a two part EP series entitled "Paradise 1" (2012) and "Paradise 2"(2012), which spawned a video for "Motions of the Moon" (directed by Mario Restive & Michael Flores), on bandcamp for free. Waails is currently releasing singles as part of a Super Mario Bros. 3 inspired song cycle, and preparing for the release of their next full length album "Earthworks", which was written and recorded over the course of 2013. for info and photos etc to download the music free |

Emma Reynolds

Emma Reynolds Music was first established in 2010 by Emma Reynolds, a professionally trained soprano from Northern Ireland. Emma Reynolds is available to make your corporate event or special day truly unforgettable by performing music that is extra special. Emma’s beautiful voice suits a range of musical styles which includes opera/classical, folk, traditional and contemporary ballads.

Emma Reynolds has an accomplished and successful musical background. Emma has received several awards including the Worldhost Award for customer service excellence in 2012 and first prize in the IMRO backed Sean McCarthy All Ireland Classic Ballad Competition.

Emma Reynolds has made numerous live television and radio appearances which has included Eurosong (RTÉ), Open House (RTÉ), John Bennett Show (BBC), Gerry Anderson Show (BBC), 98FM Dublin and Newstalk Dublin. On the 6th October 2013, Emma sang live and accompanied herself on guitar on RTÉ 1 Television when she performed at the televised Sunday Mass.

Emma Reynolds has performed at many corporate events and some highlights include June 2011 when Emma was invited to sing for Irish president Mary McAleese at her residence Áras an Uachtaráin in Dublin. President McAleese was captivated when she heard Emma’s beautiful voice and invited her to perform at a tea party to honour senior citizens from all over the country. Emma was also well received when she performed at the Installation Dinner of the Mayor of Craigavon Councillor Alan Carson. In 2012, Emma was invited to perform at the Worldhost Ceremony in Crumlin Road Gaol, Belfast and in 2013 performed at an international business conference promoting the best of Northern Ireland. In August 2013, Emma was honoured when she was asked to perform at the launch of the opening exhibition titled ‘Protect/Infect’ of talented Northern Ireland Artist Mark Revels at the Downs Art Centre, Downpatrick. Emma’s performance at the launch was greatly received. In August 2013, Emma was approached by ‘Visit Belfast’ and asked to become a member and be their only professional soloist act for corporate and other events. Emma performed her first Ambassador event for Visit Belfast in December 2013 at the Robinson & Cleaver venue in Belfast. In January 2014, Emma was invited to be part of the ‘My Creative Edge’, an initiative of the European Union.

Emma Reynolds has performed at various venues including Castle Leslie, Brownlow House, the Europa Hotel and Stormont. Emma has also performed internationally including the Basilica in Fatima, Portugal and in Stockholm.

Emma Reynolds began singing and playing guitar at an early age and has continued to play and show her musical talent of by taking part in parish folk groups in different churches and professionally accompanying herself when singing for weddings, funerals and other liturgical events.

Emma's beautiful voice has captured the attention of several successful songwriters and has led to a number of successful collaborations. In 2001, songwriter Gerry Morgan was delighted when Emma agreed to perform his Eurosong entry ‘The Innocent Days’. Gerry Morgan was very proud of his 4th placing after Emma's beautiful performance of his song on live television. Gerry has written several songs for Emma. In 2008, songwriter Susan Hewitt requested Emma Reynolds to perform her song ‘Home Again’ in the IMRO backed Sean McCarthy All Ireland Classic Ballad Competition. Both Emma and Susan were thrilled to win first prize in the competition after Emma's live performance. Susan and Emma continue to work together and in 2012, both made the final again of the Sean McCarthy Competition with the song ‘Gentle Father’. Emma is currently collaborating with songwriters from London, California and Stockholm.

Emma Reynolds has made several recordings including the album ‘Healer of my Soul’ which was launched by the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Dublin and the Christmas cd ‘Silent Night’. Emma is planning to make her recordings available for purchase and download online.

Emma Reynolds would be honoured to perform at your corporate or special event.

Visit for more information. Also please like the ‘Emma Reynolds Music ‘ Facebook page.



As the summer of 2007 began to dim down, three suburban rock n roll hungry lads formed together to create a wall of blurry dissonant noisy melodies that would get caught in yr brain after being blasted thru yr ears. Tideland self released their 8 song demo on tape and cd-r format, sending it to whomever requested a copy free of charge, made its way across the country. and across the Atlantic. Two U.S. tours followed, one with Pygmy Lush and one with Pizza, and several shows in the DC, VA, and MD area. In Spring 2010, the first LP, Asleep In The Graveyard, was released by Robotic Empire and Italy's Sons of Vesta. Tideland has self released "Lost Bets" on cd-r before touring Europe in spring of 2011. Tideland have b-side tracks appearing on compilations, "And Tonight The City Safely Sleeps: A Benefit Compilation For The District Alliance For Safe Housing" released by Exotic Fever Records, and "It's All Really Here" released by Bear Records and Just Ask Records. In spring 2012, they toured Japan with Baltimore's Unfair Roots and Japan's S-explode. After that they have ventured out on shorter weekend sized tours to various cities around the U.S and added a second guitarist, to the group. Self Released their album "LULL" in 2013 on LP and CD. They have a b-side appearing on "Not Feeling That Fine About Fall" tape comp released by Boys Records in fall 2013. They will be recording another full length in early 2014.  These guys from Sterling, Virginia are going to set 2014 on fire!

Tideland is: Jon: Guitar/Vocals, Chris: Bass/Vocals, George: Drums, Owen: Guitar.

FREE DOWNLOAD of "Get Lost".  Right-click on the link and select "Save As".



Marko Maric

Marko Maric comes from Perth in Western Australia.  He is a massive fan of Electronic, Synthwave, Outrun and New Retro Wave music and has an extensive knowledge of the artists and producers involved with those genres.  He is also a big contributor to which is run by fellow Australian, Rick Shithouse.  This website is dedicated to 80's inspired, new music.

In 1984, Marko planted a tree sapling in the hope that by 2012, it would be 60ft tall. He cut it down in 1997 due to boredom and built a shed from it. The next year he set it on fire and watched it burn.

The Bryant C. Project

Singer, song writer, guitar player guitar player from The Bryant C. Project. Currently finishing up a new EP Pay The Price coming soon on independent label Jettlane Records. For more visit



Supar Novar is an award winning Hip-Hop artist from North London who has been an integral member of the UK scene for over ten years. He was first introduced to the scene by way of his crew F.L.I.P with the help of local Hip-Hop legend Skinnyman. In 1999 a support slot for Skinnyman’s group ‘The Mud Family’ lead to Novar becoming a member of the group and touring the UK with them at the age of sixteen. Never one to wait on others, he cracked on with his solo career along the way and released his first record on Kemet Ents. Records in 2001, ’When SuparNovar Explodes’ b/w ’All I Need’ was one of the biggest underground releases of that year.
Since his launch onto the scene Supar Novar has released seven singles and four mixtapes, all to critical acclaim which gave him the opportunity to share stages with American Rap superstars such as Ghostface (Wu-Tang), M.O.P, The Clipse and DJ Premiere. He has also featured on many other artists projects including The Mud Family, Foreign Beggars, Skrein and Wordsmith, as well as having his music featured on a huge list of mixtapes and compilation CD’s. In 2006 his debut album was released on Kemet Entertainment Records featuring production from himself, First Man Productions (Lemar, Talib Kweli, Skinnyman), Colin Emmanuel (KRS One, Estelle & Jamelia), Joe Buhdha (Rodney P, Klashnekoff), DJ Flip (Skinny Man - Council estate Of mind), Show N Prove (Baby Blue, Bigz, Tor), and DJ Snips (Poisonous Poets). This was an extremely good year for Novar, the album lead to him performing at Glastonbury festival and winning ‘Best Hip-Hop’ at The Indy Music Awards as voted by the people.

Supar Novar has always been an artist who put in a lot of work and along the way has trained himself to record, produce and mix his own music. As well as rapping he makes beats for himself and other artists, shoots, directs and edits video's as well as running his websites.  He is also currently finishing a degree in 'Commercial Music'. Supar Novar’s latest release ‘Forever’, which is produced by Show N Prove and features appearances from Dappy (N-Dubz), Neon Hitch, Logic, MCD, Stylah, Genesis Elijah, Terra Slim, Big Ben, Barry Knight, Ruthless, LP, Danny Bones & Dash Gambino demonstrates perfectly that he is ready to take his career to the next level and take the UK scene by storm...