Troy Redfern

Troy Redfern is a UK based guitarist, songwriter & producer. from Kington, Herefordshire.  You can download his latest album "Werewolf Etiquette" for free via Bandcamp.  http://troyredfern.bandcamp.com/album/werewolf-etiquette

Links:  http://troyredfern.bandcamp.com/https://www.facebook.com/TroyRedfern


Cairoglyphs is the electronic brainchild of Kansas City based hip-hop artist and producer Ryan Forest. His debut EP, "The Veil" has just been released on Russian Winter Records. Cairoglyphs features retro-futuristic soundscapes that are underlined by a dark introspective narrative. "The Veil" EP serves up a sophisticated blend of deep house and rap, taking dance based hip-hop to new

Links:  http://cairoglyphs.bandcamp.com/ | http://russianwinterrecords.com



Emily Wegh

Emily Wegh.

Emily is a native of Illinois in the USA.  The youngest member of the RPG family, Emily has an excellent knowledge and taste in music, both new and classic.

Emily's special power is the ability to change the channel on any television without the use of a remote control... just the power of thought.  She once punched Brad Pitt's pet Chihuahua for a bet.

Gretchen Kelly

  Gretchen Kelly.

Gretchen is from Ohio in the United States.  She has been involved in the local music scene for many years.  A tireless champion of new independent bands and new music, Gretchen brings a wealth of music knowledge to Radio Pure Gently.

Gretchen is a devoted mother and in her spare time, she paints false windows on random walls... just to confuse people.

Vincenzo Salvia

Outrun / Dreamwave / Italo Disco / 80s / Soundtracks

"To say Auto Radio is special is a gross understatement. It does something new, entertaining and absolutely rockin with classic 80s sounds that comes off in spectacular fashion. Auto Radio combines so much 80s love into it’s presentation and execution in such an original way that it’s impossible to resist it’s charms and not be transported back in time for the duration of the experience." Synthetix.FM

"The new leader of the 80s inspired synth scene in Italy has released a brand new three track EP appropriately entitled Nostalgia. Vincenzo Salvia goes from strength to strength with each new release and his latest EP explores new destinations for this exciting producer and expands his musical horizons a great deal." - Synthetix.FM

"Italian SynthWave newcomer Vincenzo Salvia offers up the latest release on Future City Records. A new four track EP of some of the finest ‘80’s inspired synth that captured the very essence of the SynthWave scene yet manages to carve out a unique sound all of it’s own." - Electronic Rumors

Future City Records:




crashfaster is a San Francisco-dwelling electronic rock group born from the ashes of discarded technology. The band features frontman Morgan Tucker, vocalist Keiko Takamura, guitarist Ryan Case and percussionist Devin Nixon. Together, the group has launched into new songwriting territory and a ferocious live show. You can download for FREE an exclusive track "Closer" from their new track "Further".

http://crashfaster.com/ https://www.facebook.com/crashfaster

DOWNLOAD HERE - Right-click and select "Save as"


The Amazing Spacefrogs

Orignial 1977 Punksters famous for the Dirty Habit's EP, Which achieved number 15 in the most collectable punk singles in Record Collector mag.

1977 was the year, the Queens Silver Jubilee year (is she still alive?), this was the birth of what was then " The Amazing Spacefrogs", their first gig at The Wellington (Middlesbrough) was eventful, homegrown first generation punk in a starved world…. the Spacefrogs were seminal in the North East punk movement.
The infamous Middlesbrough Rock Garden (now the Arena) was their "support stomping ground", the upstaging of established acts started with none other than The Cure, and with fantastic local support frightened off major acts including the Angelic Upstarts, The Rezillos , and The Fall.

1979 sees the release of the "Dirty Habit" EP featuring the songs "Norman and Jeremy", "Nuns of Destruction" and the legendary "Necrophilia" The EP ended up being banned by the BBC after appearing on John Peels show (God knows why!). Five Hundred copies in 3 weeks - not bad for a first release, now a sought after EP among collectors worth in excess of £250 for a good copy.

Continuing their reputation as one of the Northeast’s premier live bands. The band have appeared on the front cover of countless magazines and fanzines and are now venturing out to new areas spreading the Frog gospel to all and sundry with the band having a repertoire list of over 40 songs they can cover all bases live, whether it be two sets pub club/show or striped down full on high energy original material set.

https://www.facebook.com/TheAmazingSpacefrogsOfficial | http://www.theamazingspacefrogs.co.uk/


Frankie is a British singer – songwriter, born in St. Albans, now residing in South London. Having grown up surrounded by a healthy variety of wonderful music, and a large musically minded family, who were encouraged to get involved from a young age (which predominantly meant singing in the church choir) Frankie inevitably has inherent musical tendencies!

Writing and performing songs has been a long-standing ambition, though only recently is it coming into fruition. Frankie’s writing is best described as poetry with music, as apposed to a more conventional ‘song writing’ format. Frankie finds enjoyment in a wide range of music, and therefore her influences stretch far! From the likes of ‘Thomas Wesley Stern’, to ‘Arvo Part’, with a whole lot else in between! The writing itself is very personal – a tool for deciphering, and an attempt at understanding life experiences. A self-taught guitar player, her technical approach is like that of a pianist. Chords are not ‘strummed’, but pulled apart and picked. A love of harmony with both voice and guitar ensures a song is not complete without either instrument. Keep in touch on face book for updates on performance and the release of a soon-coming debut recording – ‘Running Stitch’.

https://soundcloud.com/frankiesings https://www.facebook.com/frankiewordsandmusic www.frankiesings.co.uk

Six Years

Six Years consist of: Vanessa Anne Redd and Marc Makarov. Their latest single "Imagination" is available to buy now!


Thomas Donovan

Thomas released his debut album, Digital Dreams, in 1993, and his second album, Trance, in 1995. Every track on both CD's received favourable radio rotation. Thomas' greatest hits to date are Total Controller, High Time, Colorcode, She'll Do What She Wants, Yesterday's Dream and the highly successful, All We Need For Christmas. His third album One Moment to Fly, continues to generate airplay across North America, Europe and abroad. Make Me Want You and Je Veux both topped the charts in club circuits and on internet radio stations.Lending themselves very well to sound tracks and television, several of Thomas’ songs have been featured on TV programs. The track, I Like It, also from One Moment to Fly, was featured on the syndicated TV series, Highlander. To date, his tracks are featured on eight dance compilation CDs released in North America.