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The Franceens

The Franceens are a 3-piece from York UK. Their music is a crossover of high-energy garage/punk and 50's rock and roll. The music is delivered with ferocity, honesty and precision. It's frantic, intense and full of raw power. They are an exceptionally hard-working band, playing anything up to 3 gigs per week, some of which have been known to be in the same day. They released their first EP entitled “Duck and Cover” in March 2013, on their own DIY label. This EP is now available for free download from their Facebook page. They are a self-sufficient band, with DIY principles coursing through it's veins. The band is a tight combination of catchy riffs and vocal hooks, backed up by a solid rhythm. The Franceens fight for DIY punk rock and believe in supporting your local live music scene, whilst also trying to discover and support new bands from further afield. Alongside gigging intensively, they put on and host monthly garage/punk gigs in their hometown of York, under the banner of Behind The White Door. In September 2013, the band joined the almighty TNSrecords. October 2013 saw the band have their first taste of major radio-time, as their single "Attack" was played on BBC Radio 1 by Mike Davies on The Lockup show.


The Serenthiam duo is Adam Amos and Lori Cunningham. They live halfway around the world from each other and have yet to meet in person. They first began working on music together in 2008. One week after deciding to collaborate, “Without You,” the most popular track off of Lori’s debut album, was born. A few months later, they worked together on yet another terrific track. They soon came to realize how well they complimented each other musically. The idea of a full music project was soon being tossed around.

Serenthiam is surfacing with an extremely promising debut album, the likes of which is not often seen in the electronic musical world. Their sound is a perfect mixture of world and electronic beats, electronic and organic sounds, earthy strings, and haunting piano lines with moving female vocals. Much of the music has cinematic influences. Lori shows off her spectacular vocal ability from the soft and sultry sounds in “Thoughts of You” to the stunning power in “Broken.” Adam has an uncanny sense to compose, orchestrate, and mix magnificent instrumentations, easily capturing beauty that few musicians ever achieve. Two tracks feature lyricist and vocalist Michael Leonard, who helps complete the album with his impressive writing and singing abilities.

Naked Lunch

Formed in 1979 by vocalist Tony Mayo and guitarist Gary Shepherd as Sons of Perdition, though this name was changed to Naked Lunch after their debut gig, the band underwent a few changes in personnel as well as working out and delivering their sounds live. To condense their story, from a show alongside the likes of DAF, Cabaret Voltaire, Fad Gadget, B Movie, and Clock DVA organised by the band and Stevo, who Tony had DJ’ed with previously, the band undertook the Naked Lunch’s Electronic Indoctrination Tour in 1980 which included a show at Leeds Futurama, which was filmed and eventually broadcast on BBC2. Naked Lunch then set about helping Stevo find artists and recordings to make up the Some Bizarre album, to which the band itself contributed La Femme (a song originally called Le Femme but Phonogram who the Daniel Miller (The Normal) owned Mute released the album through, changed it to grammatically correct French, missing the point of the androgyny of the electronic music scene and that the song was about that). After a parting with Stevo, Naked Lunch became managed by Ramkup with the single Rabies backed by Slipping Again being released, though it suffered from a ban on day time radio play due to the title but did receive good play and support from the likes of John Peel and Nicky Horne on their night time shows. Line-up changes continued t before the band split in 1981 with Mayo retaining the name Naked Lunch, which he registered with Companies House in May 1981. A second version of the band emerged as a live thing until 1985 and though Mayo continued with Naked Lunch projects the band as such was a quiet presence.

2010 saw Mayo link up again with early member Paul Davies and writing new material, with Mick Clark and Cliff Chapman joining in 2011, both in the original line-up. Their first gig for over 30 years came at BAS II with the addition of Mark Irvine coming in early 2012 and Jet Noir linking up in June of 2013.

Atomic Shadow

Tape loops, sine waves, and ring modulators. Transmitting an analog signal from yesterday's world of tomorrow, Atomic Shadow makes use of vintage electronic test gear, field recordings and effects. Atomic Shadow's first commercial album Twelve Full Moons released on Hollow Sun Records. In March of 2012 Atomic Shadow took second place in a remix contest sponsored by The Science Museum of London. The contestants were able to download stems from some of Daphne Oram's pioneering work in electronic music and create their own arrangement. There was really positive feedback from the judges for the piece called DO3. According to the Wire "This feels close to DO's own sonic conception." DJ Spooky called it "Subtle but powerful [...] what Daphne Oram was all about." Brian Eno said: "A really interesting piece - deep, entrancing. I wanted more of it." Of course the last comment there made me feel a bit dizzy.

Brain Eno was the inspiration for my entire Atomic Shadow project with a quote that I read in an interview. He said that sometimes you have to take your best shot and paint a bullseye around where the arrow hits.

Atomic Shadow - Drums Against The Machine from Atomic Shadow on Vimeo.



, showcased by Micky, come from France.
Kimura's members :
Deweak (Ludovic Roux) : Liancourt, France Ysleenn (Caroline Varlet) eX Cess (Xavier Duthilleuil) Betty (Manon Lagache)

Kimura was formed in 2008 by Ludovic Roux and Caroline Varlet. Aleryon, their first album, is entirely composed and arranged by Ludovic Roux. The story and lyrics are written by Caroline Varlet and Ludovic Roux. The creation process of this concept album started in 2008. eX Cess joined the band in October 2012 and brought new prog-ish guitar parts to the existing tracks. Aleryon's story is a mix of heroic fantasy and science fiction. The music is inspired by great progressive bands like Marillion, Porcupine Tree, Genesis, Yes, Neal Morse with touches of celtic and classical music.

The album is available as a pre-order on Deweak's website :

Official release date (CD and iTunes download) : March 22nd, 2013

Peter Godwin

Peter Godwin is a singer, songwriter and musician. He has a new band called Nuevo. You can find their first album "Sunset Rise", with videos, lyrics and more information about Peter's career at

Peter's track "The Art Of Love", the Johnson Somerset remix was showcased by Micky. You can download the track from

Peter's Facebook page:

JB Newman

JB Newman & The Black Letter Band bring you a shot of Haunting, Bluesy Rock'n'Roll with a surreal poetic twist. 'Like a roadhouse band from a Lynch movie'. A fantastic band based in London. You really have to see them play live!

Members: JB Newman - Lead Vox, Guitar
Sam Telford - Guitar
Danny Conroy - Keyboard
Dan Strange - Saxophone
Gideon K - Bass
Bryson Demath - Drums

Vicious Liberty

With a sound born from a love of classic and punk rock, Vicious Liberty was formed in late 2010. Originally a three piece, from Derby, Manchester and Birmingham. The line up has recently found more solid ground with dual lead guitars from Matt and Mark, Luke Shardlow on Bass and Peanut Steiner on the kit. Together they produce a fresh brand of high octane, punk damaged, good time rock n’roll that is proving popular with their growing fan base. As musicians and performers it is the ethos of Vicious Liberty that the audience should feel as much a part of what happens on stage as the band members themselves.

In early 2011 they won a nationwide competition to support the classic rock band The Alarm at the Gathering Festival in North Wales, this was soon followed by the release of a very well received and well reviewed debut album.

With the line up now secure the band are hard at work writing, rehearsing and recording a set of two EPs that are scheduled for release in early 2013. Each EP aims to draw on a different area of the bands style, with the intention of harnessing as much of the band’s live feel and energy as possible.

For booking enquiries and CD orders, contact us at or
"Fresh and Vital" - Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols

"F!!*!! amazing" - Bruce Watson of Big Country

"When I first heard the album I felt the goose bumps raise on my arms and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up….it was that good and that does honestly not happen very often." - Rock Regeneration

"Future of Rock n' Roll" - Mike Peters of The Alarm

"Proper band, proper singer, proper haircut and great white trousers" - Liz Westwood of Westworld, Moondogg and The Philistines

"Think you're fantastic, love it" - Rusty Egan of The Rich Kids, The Skids, Visage and DJ

"Leaning more towards the Clash end of the spectrum, Liberate the Radio is flawless and shows great attention to detail in song construction." - Beatlebabe, Sanctuary Xposed

Toby Barnett

Toby Barnett is a young, up-and-coming singer songwriter based in London. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Toby has a fantastic songwriting skill and a truly amazing singing voice. Currently playing keyboards with the band Shake Shake Go.