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Logan 5

Logan 5 is futurist synth composer from London. His ethereal, magical soundscapes capture and enthral you with every note. He is neither humanoid or android. He is an entity on his own without description or dimension.

You can find Logan 5 at

Chaos Of Birds

The Chaos of Birds, a rock trio from DC, is known for it’s beautiful yet brooding tone; a unique style that hearkens to 60s-era folk and early 90s grunge. TCoB’s live experience is highlighted by an unprecedented swagger, brought about musically by genuinely disconsolate lyrics and a downright sturdy sound. Behind the powerful voice of Meghan Adkins, the band creates a mood of integrity and loneliness, inspired as much by the sounds of early Native-American tribes as the laden-heart birth of grunge in the US. In this era of pop and math, they are a simple and welcome excursion into a beautifully bluesy world.

Band members:
Meghan Adkins, guitar, vocals
Will Morton, guitar
Nicole Thomas, drums
Matt Ray, bass


POPR3B3L (Martijn Buiter) is a singer/songwriter from Holland. His catchy Hardstyle/Progressive house tracks have entranced Europe during 2013. Achieving a major European hit with "Can't Bring Me Down" (the video is shown below...) in the summer of 2013, POPR3B3L is in the process of writing and releasing new material in collaboration with a lot of major producers/acts. Expect more great music from him very soon. This extremely talented guy is going to be MASSIVE in 2014.

POPR3B3L - "Can't Bring Me Down"
Check out his various links.



are an electronic band from Iceland, and without a doubt one of Micky's favourite bands. He can't get enough of Berndsen! From the first moment Berndsen contacted him via Youtube, Micky was hooked. The video for their song "Supertime" is pure genius.

It has over half a million hits already. That is more than the entire population of Iceland itself.

Here is a short biography of the band.

"Berndsen is an Icelandic pop icon in the making. His instantly recognizable signature vocals float over an elaborate 80's electronic soundscape, courtesy of mysterious super-producer, Hermigervill. His earnest but danceable songs, elaborate videos, and last but not least his batshit-crazy live performances have earned him a dedicated following worldwide.

Berndsen's debut album "Lover in the Dark" has been signed to labels in Iceland, Germany, the Netherlands and Japan, and a fresh new album is due out in early 2013."

Their new album "Planet Earth" is released in November, 2013. When you buy the album, you will find that every tune is a diamond!

Show Replay 17th October 2013

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If you missed the show, here is the link to the replay. We had a packed chatroom this week, so thank you to all who participated.

The Steepwater Band

Although The Steepwater Band got their start as devotees of delta blues, they have since been expanding on their influences taking on everything from psychedelia to Americana, and of course, rock and roll music. Formed in Chicago in 1998, the band’s signature sound is at once a nod to earlier rock n’ blues combined with a raw and gutsy musical approach. Founding band members Jeff Massey (vocals & guitar), Tod Bowers (bass) and Joe Winters (drums) have a synergy that comes from years of playing together. In early 2012 the long-time trio have been joined by Eric Saylors (guitar & bk vocal), from Indianapolis, IN. Mr. Saylors brings an added depth to the TSB LIVE sound, where the foundation laid by Bowers & Winters leaves the space for the guitars to soar and vocals to shine. Massey always performs with a passion that can belie his virtuosity, while being true to the song at hand.

Jasper the Colossal

"...I can’t wait to see what they do because they’re all really good players and Paige (Beller) has a great voice. I’m excited to see them" ~Kelley Deal (R.Ring, The Breeders)

"With Jasper's unique style and energetic stage presence, their live sets are high energy, exciting, and fun." ~Adam Rohr (The Examiner)

"Loud as Hell." ~Ben Dale (The Crucial Dude, Dayton Daily News, The Trash)

"...This hard working band is one you should really check out." ~Kyle Melton (The Buddha Den, Dayton Daily News)

Absinthe Junk

Absinthe Junk Header

Three years after forming, Absinthe Junk is taking ahold of its voice. After many career u-turns and a few fist fights, the eccentric group of musical misfits have thrown away the formula to pursue their own unique and ambitious sound. The band's unique instrumentation lays the foundation for a sharply crafted assault of metaphorical undertones which saturate the moment, leaving each tune as complex and unique as the instrumentation before it. The free-wheeling spirit of the band completely parallels the unique era of French history that inspired their name.

Absinthe was the drink of choice during the Bohemian Revolution and is still the most maligned drink in world history, with a near-worldwide ban in 1915. "Basically, it was banned on junk science," singer and multi-instrumentalist Blair explains. She adds about the reflection on her group's double entendre band name to their music. "The ideals of pushing boundaries, defying the mainstream commercialism, and just playing what we want, how we want, whether the world thinks it's trash or not, embodies what we're about."

After their first full-length release, 'Living Ghosts', Absinthe Junk found themselves boxed into mainstream idealism; a place where it was thought that keyboards and background vocals ruin records and the road since then has been nothing but a battle to break away from that chain of convention.

"I have no interest in sounding like all the bands down the street… if we don't test our limits as artists, what right do we have to call ourselves such?" asks Blair.

In their upcoming sophomore release, 'Death in the Afternoon,' Absinthe Junk has taken a careful approach to not lose the human element and the beautiful imperfections of real music. "We try to make the best records we can and stay on the road as much as possible, and get an audience the old fashion way." shares guitarist and vocalist, Patrick Himes.

Absinthe Junk took a 180 approach to Death in the Afternoon', versus their debut, self-engineering and producing every aspect of the record. At the same time, the lyrical and tonal approach has been equally rediscovered. "We're a group of goofballs who love to make noise together and that attitude has found its way into songs. The most piercing idea of a tune may be surrounded by peppy tones, making it almost comical," Blair shares. "Life's too short to be so damn serious. Adding an element of comedy to make the music a little more tongue-in-cheek has been one of my favorite changes that we've made as a band."

Still not for the timid listener of rock, Absinthe Junk's ethereal melodies are fused with eclectic musical influences, and held together with smart, relatable lyrics - all of which forge a hard hitting progressive alliance.

The new album may not be the hippest thing to hit the streets, and it definitely won't be perfect," added Blair. "It's built to last; to be timeless. It will be real, identifiable, and it will be epic."

New Website

17th October, 2013.

Larry and Micky have been busy working hard for the past while getting to grips with designing and creating the new website. We hope you like the look of it. The main aim of re-developing the website is to make it more accessible for you, the people to find out about all the great new acts we showcase on our show. Each week, we will be adding new band/artist pages along with links to their official pages/websites for you to buy and download their music. By doing so, you will be supporting independent music. So, for every Pound/Dollar you spend, it means one less going into the pocket of the greedy label executives. (Are you listening Simon Cowell? You already have your jet! You don't need another one!)

Check back here every week to keep up to speed with the latest goings on in RPG land.

Buy the music, don't bootleg it. Join the independent music revolution on Radio Pure Gently.

Shamus Dark


How would one describe Shamus Dark? Pure genius! That's the only apt description that applies. After listening to "Trust In Me", Shamus took a classic song from a Disney movie and turned it around on it's head to make it sound completely different with a whole new character. That's where genius lies. Check out Shamus' website and buy his music. You will not regret doing it! We WILL be hearing from Shamus again.