Micky "The M.D." Dodds

Micky "The M.D." Dodds

Micky Dodds is from Armagh in Northern Ireland. Micky is an electronic music composer and graphic designer. Micky is a member of the band "Page-R" alongside Rob Puricelli (the inspiration and reason behind Radio Pure Gently).

He also records under the guise of "Aysyne".

His favourite food is cheese, which is also his favourite kind of music.

Chris "Dub-tastic" Duff

Chris "Dub-tastic" Duff.

Chris Duff is from the midlands region in England. Working in the music industry for many years, Chris is a top "Dub" producer with a massive catalogue of music recorded with many famous people.

Chris is currently building up a new music studio and is writing and recording new material. Watch this space.

Duff claims to remember 1979... just....

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