Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor has rapidly grown to be one of the hottest new names in the UK blues/acoustic scene. His incredible passion for performance, sheer talent and songwriting of the highest calibre is a testament to his frequent comparisons with John Martyn, Chris Isaak and Tom Waits.

He has opened for artists such as John Fogerty, Neville Brothers, Tony Joe White, Eric Bibb, Tom Paxton, Tift Merritt and Band Of Horses. He has toured Holland, Switzerland, Australia, France and Ireland.

The past couple of years has seen Sean’s profile rocket with three UK tours and festival performances at Glastonbury, Cambridge Folk Festival, Beautiful Days and many others

In September 2013 Sean's new album 'Chase The Night' is released. The album was recorded in Austin, TX with producer Mark Hallman (Carole King, Ani Di Franco & Eliza Gilkyson) and features legendary double bass player Danny Thompson.


Linerunners were formed from the remnants of two Hereford bands "Beyond This" and "The Fex". 
Steve and Phil Davies, being the "Fex" half, with Tobias Armitage and Nick Betts hailing from "Beyond This".
They quickly developed a distinctive sound and song writing style whilst gigging in and around Hereford, before recording their first EP in 1998, followed by another in 2001.
Charlotte Millward-Brookes joined in 2006, adding a new vocal dimension and another two EP's have followed in subsequent years.
They are currently working on an album.
Defying categorisation, Linerunners' thoughtful melodies and dark vocals continue to evolve.

Vocals and percussion - Tobias Armitage, Vocals and percussion - Lotty Millward-Brookes, Bass guitar - Nick Betts,Drums and vocals - Phil Davies, Guitar and vocals - Steve Davies




Bloodflower are Jonnie Owen and Tom Manning -
Bloodflower is a collaboration between two long term friends, artist,
Jonnie Owen and producer, Tom Manning. 

The duo entered Monnow Valley Studios in September 2012 to work on a few ideas together. What started out as a creative experiment has progressed into a long term musical partnership. 

Jonnie and Tom made their live debut at Huw Stephens' Swn Festival in October this year, bolstered by their full live band setup.  Their initial releases to date, namely the January free download track 'Indigo' and current release  'Horizon', have received critical acclaim from key taste-maker music blogs and radio play from the likes of Huw Stephens & Jen Long/Ally McCrae on BBC Radio 1, John Kennedy on XFM, Chris Hawkins on BBC Radio 6, Q Radio and Amazing Radio. 

The band play their first London show on December 10th for Huw Stephens at The Social.

Todd Snow

Todd Snow is an American ambient musician who records a distinctive form of experimental music.  Todd's ambient terrain is a blend of natural, urban and atmospheric sounds. His music takes listeners on a hypnotic, immersive journey perfect for drifting, dreaming and stargazing.






Here is a short biography from his official website:

"What I do: I’m a independent alternative musician, and I dabble in just about every genre in existence, from classical to modern electronica. I have recorded 4 studio albums, and 3 remix albums. I’m experienced in production, songwriting, sound design, drum programming, and thematic composition. I am currently looking for opportunities to score games or films that may require soundtracks. Meanwhile, I’m honing the craft of scoring by working on indie games.
Who I am: My name is Tyler Shaw a.k.a. Aviators and I hail from Vermont. I began my musical journey at the age of 4, when I began playing the violin. I played it for 8 years before quitting and moving on to other things. I figured that playing the violin would never get me anywhere in life, but I now realize that it had grown my skills in music theory, as well as teaching me to read music. I picked up the guitar shortly after quitting violin, and instead of taking lessons I taught myself. Instead of going the typical route of learning chords and such, I just played around with solos and learned to play songs by ear. In early 2011, I took my first step in music production; I began using a DAW. Garageband was my first one, and it taught me all the basics. I played around with everything I could and pumped out a couple absolutely horrible songs. After months of fiddling with Garageband, I chose to move to a more pro-level DAW. Fruity Loops was my first choice, and I quickly learned that I wasn’t ready for such a big switch. Having no idea what I was doing was a good thing, though… It allowed me to learn quickly by trial and error. I played around with it for a couple months, and I ended up working on what became my debut album, Reflections of a Dream."

Official Website:

The track "Open Your Eyes" is free to download here"  DOWNLOAD (Right click and select "Save As")


Tubular Bells - The Children Of Ireland

Tom Newman's new recording of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells with The Children of Ireland. A beautifully crafted and played version of Mike's multi million selling album by the original producer Tom Newman recorded live in classrooms and schools in Ireland with young musicians including autistic and disabled young people. It was many years in recording and a true labour of love by Tom to give young musicians the chance to experience classic albums by way of re recording them in the flavour of their own countries tradition. The album on CD runs continually.

Micky had a chat with Tom about the project and he also spoke about his thoughts of the current state of the music industry.  You can hear that entire interview on the podcast here.

The single "Tubular Bells" by The Children of Ireland is 79p, but please buy and download the full album from the Viral Discs and Downloads website.  It costs £7.99 and is worth every single penny!

Download the single and the album here:
Check out the website too.

Rock Legend Lou Reed Passes Away

It is with great sadness to learn that the rock legend Lou Reed has died at the age of 71.

As the lead singer and songwriter of the Velvet Underground in the 1960s, Lou Reed helped invent punk rock and while writing about femme fatales, black angels and heroin. In the process, he also brought a stormy dissonance to the foreground, helping to expand the vocabulary of the electric guitar. For the next 40 years, during periods both inspired and hollow, Reed tried his hand all sorts of artsy and evocative music. He loved to mess with his persona (his first big commercial splash came in the guise of glam rock) and in the process he's explored all sorts of unexpected tangents. (Source: Rolling Stone)



Lewis Allan "Lou" Reed (March 2, 1942 – October 27, 2013

New Shamus Dark Single - Skylark

Shamus Dark has just released the second single "Skylark", taken from the forthcoming CD album "Trouble In Paradise", out in November.









Now available from: or.....
itunes =
CDbaby = =

The album "Trouble In Paradise" is due out November 25th, 2013 - featuring 12 tracks of songs from the 1930's-1950's, except "Trust In Me" which is from the 1960's. Skylark was written in 1941.


RPG Podcast 24th October 2013

Here is the podcast for the 24th of October, 2013.
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This week's featured acts:
Olsen Twin PeaksDuff SoundsAbsinthe JunkMotel BedsDark BackwardBerndsenLe Chat et la Fille and Atomic Shadow.

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Dark Backward

Originally formed in 2000 by core members Max Nye and Eric Purtle, Dayton Ohio's Dark Backward began primarily as a studio-based art-damage collective. However, 2008 saw the band morph into a more traditional, live-based "rock" outfit while retaining its original anything-goes ethos; their general mission statement as amorphous as the 1991 cult film after which they were named. Nye and Purtle both labored in seminal Dayton new-wave act Dementia Precox; additionally, Purtle up until recently worked the Midwest punk circuit with Luxury Pushers. Jeff Brelsford and Jim Ingram toiled notably with Mondolux and Colonel Bleep respectively, among many others. Simply stated, DB's members' combined rock-years total is a staggering number... Guy Capo’s 2005 skin feature “Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll” brought Dark Backward an AVN award nod for best soundtrack; the film also showcased Max in a substantial (albiet non-f*cking) role. Our next full-length album is due in early Summer of 2012. Expect the loudest.

You can find them at their website here and at Reverbnation here